I LOVE Spring!

Is it just me, or does everyone else rejoice when the weather gets warm enough I can put on my open-toed shoes again?  I love the feeling of freedom it gives me, when I can comfortably wear sandals of any kind - flip flops, wedges, strappy heals, you name it, I have them and I love them!  Today, the weather is supposed to be pleasant, so I put on a pair of my favorite comfortable wedges to wear with my Springy chiffon skirt.  The wind hasn't died down yet, so my toes are colder than I wish, but it sure nice not to be wearing socks and pants.  I feel freer and more carefree in Spring and Summer and I think it is because I have shed all of the required layers of Winter.  No coats, no long pants, no bulky sweaters or jackets.  Just me in light weight clothes and the warmth of the sun!  Welcome Back Spring!

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  • Analee Hall

    Spring is too planty for me. I mean sure, I love the weather and all, but spring is the time when you (yes, you liz!!) pull out out the suprise and say:“Time to weed, kids!” same with summer.

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