Let's Talk About Fit!

For those of us more conservative Fashionistas, the question of “Fit” comes with a lot of questions. There seems to be a constant quandary as to what is appropriate fit and what is too tight. I personally, am a big fan of a more tailored look. Even in casual wear, proper fit is essential especially for those seeking to dress modestly, for several reasons:


  • Too big or baggy actually defeats your efforts at modesty. How? You may ask. I have seen many people who are attempting to avoid wearing too tight of clothing err too far the opposite direction and end up having their shirts, in particular, so loose that every time they move, they actually reveal more than if they were wearing something form fitting. For layering basics, this is especially true. The purpose of a camisole or layering shirt is to provide additional coverage that your outer shirt is not providing. For this reason it is actually more modest to have your layering basic form fitting. By wearing it that way, when you bend or move, the neckline on your layering basic stays in place and the bottom section is able to remain tucked in, which will ensure that you have the needed coverage you are seeking.
  • A Tailored piece can flatter your figure without needing to show skin to look good. More skin is not always better. Knowing how to dress, while keeping yourself properly covered is the key.       A tailored blouse and skirt will out-class any mini skirt and tight sweater.
  • Avoid purchasing your pre-teen daughters shirts that are oversized. I have seen mothers do this to avoid the form-fitting styles as well as to try to save money. I completely understand the intent behind this, but often times, the oversize shirts end up falling off the little girls shoulders, gapping at the neckline or other such things and in the end, the little girls are less covered, and less modest. Purchase things that fit them and you properly through the shoulders, neck, etc. If money is a huge issue, then provide layering camis that fit properly to wear under a bigger shirt. Often, you can extend the life on those beyond the usual year between sizes, simply because they can be worn smaller than a normal shirt.


Proper fit is very important for all body types, but especially important for those in the bigger sizes. Wearing too tight of clothing emphasizes rolls and ripples, but wearing tent-like clothing makes you looker bigger than you really are. Also, for those who are uncomfortable with their body size, modest attire is actually more flattering. Instead of showing off a flabby midriff, or wearing short “Daisy Duke” shorts that emphasize large thighs, a properly fitted knee length pencil skirt and elegant tailored blouse will emphasize feminine curves. The longer lines of the pencil skirt will actually make you appear longer and thinner, rather than shorter and heavier. In addition, keep in mind that buying the correct size is important. Avoiding buying a size 16 does not make you a size 6 – you are the same size regardless of what the tag on the inside of the clothing says. So purchase the size the fits your body; that neither drowns nor strangles your curves and don’t worry about the number on the tag. I have seen many size 16 women who look like a size 10 because they know how to dress correctly. Unfortunately, I have seen too many size 10 women who dress in such a way they look like a size 16 because of the way their clothing fits.


One last thing to remember: If you have previously been heavy but have lost weight, don’t be scared to admit that you are smaller and buy smaller clothes. I have shopped with several friends who once wore XL or bigger and now are actually a Small or Medium and can not seem to allow themselves to admit it, and continue to purchase clothing in Large or bigger- several sizes bigger than their body currently is. Enjoy and embrace the new you! Reward your hard work at getting to a healthier size and show everyone how beautiful you are!

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